Saturday, May 10, 2008

B) Shrink Vista Partition for WinXp Installation


A) If you have an available partition for WinXp installation, go to "WinXp Installation".

Materials needed:
1) PerfectDisk 2008(30 days trial version, download here).

*make sure you backup the drive you going to shrink just in case anything goes wrong.
1) In Windows Vista, go to "Start", right click on "Computer" and choose "Manage". You will be prompted, just click "Continue".

2) Click on "Disk Management" and you will see the information of your hardisk installed.

3) Right click on the "VistatOS" drive, in my case it's "(C:)" and choose "Shrink Volume...".

4) By default Vista will give you the largest amount of space that you are able to shrink, it's not the free space that you have on that drive. Why?(If you want to find out, please refer to Query 1 or you are satisfied with the amount of space that you can shrink, just proceed to Step 5).

*Steps below followed after I use "PerfectDisk 2008" to empty more usable space for my XP drive. Need help on it? Go here: Get more usable space out of free space using PerfectDisk 2008
5) Please input the amount of space(in MB) for the new drive and allocate wisely, as you need to take into consideration of programs that you will install on this new drive, data storage and so on. I input "1000"(in MB) then only you click "Shrink".

6) Wait for new partition to be created. Then right click on it to choose "New Simple Volume...".

7) Click "Next".

8) Click "Next".

9) Now assign the drive letter(for my case, it's F).

10) Input the "Volume label" as "WinXp" for easy identification later and check "Perform quick format" as well.

11) Choose "Finish" and you have a new partition ready for WinXp installation. Proceed to normal WinXp installation procedure.

Proceed to?
A) If you have an empty partition for WinXp installation, proceed to "WinXp Installation".


Anonymous said...

I used your method-- worked just fine. I have a problem, which is that I added the WinXP to a vista notebook presario c770us, dual core, etc. and I cannot find the ethernet or video drivers to install on the xp partition.

MAX TING said...

Hi Ryan,
HP might not have provided the Ethernet and video drivers. But you can download them separately.
Most probably your system is running Intel® 965 Express Chipset with the integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. So, just go Intel website and grab the driver at*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go!
For the Ethernet driver, just google your Ethernet brand and I am sure that you are able to locate its driver easily.

Anonymous said...

I think that your idea worked. I assume that the same would work for finding the wlan drivers, correct?

Anonymous said...
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sam said...

hi MAX
i used ur method and i made the winxp
cd.but now how i'll format my pc ?

it already installed with xpsata.
but i want to format it how ?

mine is compaq cq40-133tu
sata xp installed by the shopkeeper
plz tell how can i format it with xp.

phoenix said...

hi max,
i have done follow all the instruction given but when i want to install win xp normally,after boot from cd an error occur...huhu..
mine is CQ 40-401AU..can u help me...plisss

MAURICIO said...

it goes well but after step 11, an error msg came out"The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s). If you convert the disk(s) to dynamic, you will not be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk(s) (except the current boot volume). Are you sure you want to continue?" then another message came out "operation is cancelled", leaving the unallocated partition unformatted. Does this procedure applies to all version of vista? Im using vista home premium on my acer notebook aspire4920. moreover, is it possible to install a cracked version of xp on vista? Appreciate your help/comments....mau

fabrizio said...

Hi All,
I'm so sad and a little bit worried because the described procedure didn't work fine for me!
In my case I cannot shrink because seems that some cluster are positined at the end of the volume and PerfectDisk did not move them. I also used VOPT 9 to use an other kind of defragging mode and thanks to this, I noted that in the last cluster there is a file placed into the System Volume Information folder, in detail FVE.{e40ad34d-dae9-4bc7-95bd-b16218c10f72}! Now I can't create any kind of secondary partition, and any kind of partition manager doesn't work because this not allow to reduce partition size... Is there some tool of strong low level of defragging methods?
Some other useful information: my OS is vista and to have the maximum from the defragging process I disabled paging file, hibernation file and restore point, so the System Volume Information folder is more or less empty: only a few files
and If I remove them, after a refresh they come up again!!!!

Please HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!