Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Auto Ping Blueserver Using AutoHotkey


A) None.

Materials needed:
1) AutoHotkey (free from http://www.autohotkey.com).

1) Install AutoHotkey and run AutoHotkey.

2) AutoHotkey shall appear at the taskbar.

3) Right click on it and select 'Edit This Script'.

4) Copy the text below and paste it in.
#MaxThreadsPerHotKey 10 ; Maximum time F7 can be activated
$F7:: ; F7 hotkey.
#MaxThreadsPerHotKey 1

if keepPing = y
keepPing = ; Make it blank to signal that thread's loop to stop.
return ; End this thread so that the one underneath will resume and see the change.

keepPing = y

if keepPing = ; stop by pressing F7 again.
Send, {Enter}/p{Enter}
Sleep, 300000

keepPing = ; preparation for the next press of this hotkey.

5) And you will get this new script as shown below.

6) Close the script and right click on the AutoHotkey in the taskbar again. Select 'Reload This Script' to load your newly modified script.

7) To enable this Auto Ping script: in the blueserver game, hit 'F7' once to turn it on and hitting 'F7' again to switch it off.


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